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JezabelDriverSwitch Class Reference

A JezabelDriverSwitch is a special driver that can act as a a switch between drivers. More...

#include <jezabeldriverswitch.h>

Inheritance diagram for JezabelDriverSwitch::

JezabelDriver List of all members.

Public Methods

virtual void setTool (JezabelTool *tool)
virtual void start (JezabelPosition max=JezabelLengthMax)
virtual JezabelPosition where ()
virtual void stop ()
void setDriver (JezabelDriver *driver)

Detailed Description

A JezabelDriverSwitch is a special driver that can act as a a switch between drivers.

It behaves as JezabelDriver, with the addition of the method setDriver() that switches to a new driver.

Member Function Documentation

void JezabelDriverSwitch::setDriver ( JezabelDriver * driver )

Switch to a new driver. This can be done even while the current driver is running. The old driver is stopped and the new one is started where the old one left off.

driver   The new driver. This becomes property of the switch.

void JezabelDriverSwitch::setTool ( JezabelTool * tool ) [virtual]

Set the tool associated with this driver. This may be called more than once, and may be called the driver is running.

Reimplemented from JezabelDriver.

void JezabelDriverSwitch::start ( JezabelPosition max = JezabelLengthMax ) [virtual]

Begin processing samples asynchronously, up to "max" samples or end-of-stream.

Reimplemented from JezabelDriver.

void JezabelDriverSwitch::stop ( ) [virtual]

Stop running the driver asynchronously.

Reimplemented from JezabelDriver.

JezabelPosition JezabelDriverSwitch::where ( ) [virtual]

Return the current sample pointer.

Reimplemented from JezabelDriver.

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