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This is a simple Jezabel application using a JezabelGraphicFilter widget. It chains two parametric filters.

#include <jezabelapplication.h>

#include <jezabelgraphicfilter.h>
#include <jezabelpanel.h>
#include <jezabelparametricfilter.h>

int main( int argc, char **argv )
  JezabelApplication a( argc, argv );
  /* Make a control panel with presets */

  JezabelPanel *panel = new JezabelPanel("test_graphicfilter","current");
  /* Make a JezabelGraphicfilter widget and insert some parametric filters */
  JezabelGraphicFilter *graphic = new JezabelGraphicFilter(panel->mainArea());
  (void) new JezabelParametricFilter("pfilt1",graphic);
  (void) new JezabelParametricFilter("pfilt2",graphic);
  (void) new JezabelParametricFilter("pfilt3",graphic);
  /* Show the main window */
  a.setMainWidget( panel );

  /* Run the GUI until exit */

  return a.exec();

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