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JezabelWidget Class Reference

#include <jezabelwidget.h>

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Detailed Description

A Jezabel widget is a graphical widget with an associated signal proccessing function. Typically, the widget contains controls that affect the signal processing function in real time.

A JezabelWidget differs from an ordinary Qt widget in that it provides a method getTool() that produces a JezabelTool. This object in turn implements some audio processing function. The JezableTool is linked to the JezabelWidget that created it, so that changes to controls in the JezabelWidget affect the parameters of the JezabelTool in real time.

You can call getTool() more than once to produce several JezabelTool instances, all controlled by the same widget. This is useful, for example, if you want to process several audio channels in the same way.

A typical application will create several JezabelWidgets, call getTool() to produces corresponding JezabelTools, and then use a JezabelPatchTool object to connect the JezabelTools in order to perform some audio processing function.

See also:
JezabelTool , JezabelPatchTool


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